Captiva Island

I starred out the window of our rental car, as we crossed the bridge onto Captiva Island. The water reflected the sky as the waves danced in the sunlight. I have been a Colorado girl all of my life, and never really had an interest in the ocean, but there was a sort of calm that I experienced sitting on that white sand beach in Florida.

My family and I stayed at the South Seas Island Resort in early October of last year. The island was 330 acres of beautiful wildlife that was such a contrast from the mountains of Colorado, that I felt as if I was on a different planet. The resort had several ponds and a 9-hole spacious golf course. About 100 yards from the beach, our Two Bedroom Beach Villa was on the west side of the resort, facing the gulf of Mexico.

In the morning, my parents would get up and watch the sunrise before heading to one of the resort’s restaurants for breakfast. Our days were spent rummaging through the sand for shells, relaxing near the pool, and shopping in the strip mall. On our forth day, we ventured out of the resort and rented a boat. We spent all day on the boat, catching a glimpse of multiple dolphins and pelicans, and, because it was the right time of year, we were lucky enough to see a siren of manatee.

Most nights we went to one of the restaurants on the island, but one night we did cook our own meal because our villa had a full kitchen. My favorite restaurant was a pizza parlor near the pool. There was a whole wall of candy on one side and I ate some of the best pizza I have ever had.

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